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What they do

Upsolver is an industry-leading Data Lake Platform that empowers any developer to manage, integrate and structure streaming data for analysis at unprecedented ease.

Upsolver Application DesignUpsolver Application Design

Deep dive into unfamiliar territory

Working on upsolver was quite a challenge in the beginning, the product is very very technical and very developer oriented. They deal with Databases, aggregation, custom function, materialized views, and bunch of other terms that were not in our comfort zone. But we’ve been here before, and after a few sessions of getting to know the product we were able to bring our UX skills and design their product in a way and allows their customers complete control and power over their data pipelines.

Upsolver Application DesignUpsolver Application DesignUpsolver Application Design

“Idan and his team features elegant solutions for complex UX problems, making our product easier to use for the Average Joe.”
Shani Elharrar
Shani ElharrarVP RND, Upsolver

We’re part of the team

We’ve been working with Upsolver R&D for a few years now, we consider ourselves part of the team. This is an ongoing project and we keep expanding and tweaking the product as the company grows and better understands their users. Working on this type of project is always a challenge as you keep adding features and functionality, but have to keep the UI/UX consistent across features you worked on a year ago.

Upsolver Application DesignUpsolver Application DesignUpsolver Application Design

Adding some soul to the product

Even the most technical product needs to have a bit of soul and fun. We created this robot character to use on the empty states and in other areas of the product where we could inject a bit of comic relief


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