We offer a wide variety of design solutions to our clients. We typcally work with tech startups where we provide two main services:

UX/UI Design of web application & mobile applications
UX/UI Design of web application & mobile applications
Marketing website
& collateral material design
Marketing website
& collateral material design

Working with us

We belive in working closely with our customers and creating long term relationships.

Part of your R&D and Product teams

We become an integral part of your team.

We bring over 20 years of design experience to your startup. Being an external vendor allows us to keep current with the design trends and patterns, bring knowledge from different industries into yours and allow you access to expert service when you need it and have to create and manage an in-house design team.

Your Marketing Design Team

We take responsibility of all design related tasks for your marketing efforts. Starting from creating your main marketing website, landing pages, infographics and other marketing materials your company needs on an ongoing basis.

Our goal is to create a consistent brand and create high quality designs to sell your service/product.

Per Project basis

We believe the best way to create ongoing successful relationships is to keep showing and proving our value to our clients, we prefer to start with small tasks so you can see the high value our work brings to your company.

Most of our small projects end up long term relationships that benefit all parties.

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