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The Israeli cyber company, Spectral, asked us to redesign the company's website and to help them design the platform as well. Part of the challenge was to explain the technology and present the content for investors at the same time. Two different target audiences, developers VS investors. Who is more important? How did we solve the hierarchy of the website without harming existing users? All this and more in the this project.

spectral App Screens

How did we deliver

We wanted to appeal to programmers that we understand their needs. We know that their time is precious, and that we can provide them with answers at the touch of a mouse, yes! Data flows quickly and in a friendly manner. In addition, we wanted to convey to investors that Spectral brings innovation and solutions to a world where hi-tech companies in every corner. It was important for Spectral to be exceptional. Were we successful? We would love to hear your opinion!

spectral App Screensspectral App Screens

A more detailed look

Spectral focuses on developer audience, visualizing code and assets produced in the development process in a visual way is very challenging. The following diagram attempts to illustrate its relative advantages, to visualize the idea that Spectral does not expose any sensitive information of the organization.

spectral App Screensspectral App Screens

What Could Happen

One key way we decided to show the value of Spectral to developers was to highlight recent cyber security disasters. This a very effective method to remind our users the importance of using a solution such as Spectral

spectral App Screens

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