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Our Oldest Client

Regpack our one of our oldest clients, we’ve worked on their product and website for over 7 years now. Every few years we update their website as their company goals change and they refine their target audience messaging.

Regpack Homepage Regpack Illustrations
“ Recently we launched an new website that was a major investment of time, money and resources on our side. The results are more than we expected. We have grown our leads by 127%! Not a typo, that is a real number. ”
Samantha Avneri, Regpack
Asaf DarashFounder and CEO, Regpack

Multiple Verticals

Regpack target clients in varying industries and use cases, from summer and day camps to courses and churches. Together with Regpack’s marketing team we created slight variations in design and messaging for each of these audiences.

Regpack Website Homepage Regpack Website Homepage

“Working with Idan and his team is incredibly talented! They are so creative, always help to make your vision a reality, and a fast turnaround time! ”
Samantha Avneri, Regpack
Samantha AvneriMarketing Director, Regpack

Unique feature illustrations

The Regpack platform is feature packed and we wanted to create a unique illustration for each feature we display on the site.

Regpack Solution Illustrations

Spicing up the Solutions

The main solutions page is very important and we wanted to spice up the page with some custom animated icons.


Part of our work with the marketing team has been to design materials not directly related to the website, such as e-book and infographics


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