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We were tasked to design Pecan’s new website. The goal was to drive customers to see the platform and signup for a demo, as well as presenting Pecan’s key features and solutions. The websites uses visual elements from the product as well as subtle animations.

pecan App Screens

The Challange

The main challenge of the project was compromising between the two, very contracting, views of the Pecan founders, whilst the deadline was quickly approaching. The meetings were funny as well as confusing. The most helpful reference that guided us into the right direction was the competitor’s website. From there, it was smooth sailing! Both the sketches we came up with were a success, with the least troublesome change of mixing them both into one... like always :)

pecan App Screenspecan App Screens

All areas of the website

A major part of the project was working on all the internal pages focused on a wide variety of user personas. In addition we created design focused on specific marketing campaigns.

pecan App Screenspecan App Screenspecan App Screens
pecan App Screens

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