Missing Link

Our role

Missing Link approached us to design their new website before a very important PR event. They wanted something special and unique, We worked together with the head of design of their parent company Samsung Next and came up with an idea of an illustrated website where there are several characters who show the struggles of the current tools for deep learning vs the Missinglink solution.

 Missing Link Homepage Missing Link Homepage  Missing Link Homepage Missing Link Homepage


After we launched the main site we started working on alternate versions based on 5 different characters we created for the different personas who use MissingLink. All homepage illustrations had 5 versions, one for each character.

Missing  Link Characters


As with most of our projects, the MissingLink website is completely responsive, which is always a challenge when the website is based on so many complex illustrations.

Mobile Homepage  Mobile HomepageMobile Homepage

Animated Icons

We wanted to add some nice subtle animations to the site, so we create a set of animated icons for the main features.

Cheatheet Playing Cards

As part of a marketing campaign we designed playing card with little snippets of code on them for common computer learning tools such as pytrorch and tensorflow.

Missing  Link Characters

Animated Character

On the homepage banner we created an animated character that follows your mouse and hides when you scroll down

Animated Characters

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